My brother
disappeared in the way
he always wanted,
just like in fairytales,
he became invisible.

We were running home together,
they sent us to get
a bag of eggs,
and my mother made me
promise, that the moment
they start throwing grenades,
we let go of the eggs
and start running as fast as we can.

We were running, the twelve
eggs were trembling in the
bag, only one of them
broke along the way.
And I could see him,
as he looks aroung near the marketplace,
runs across the crosswalk,
gets to the sidewalk,
and that’s when I heard that explosion,
and my brother became invisible.

Only a small puddle
was left on his place
on the sidewalk.
They say a grenade
tears a person into crumbs.

I stood there, looking
at the puddle.
It had no shape at all.
I was looking and it, and was a bit
afraid, because the same blood
was also running in my veins.
By then I had been just standing there
for a minute and I could not
what happened.

That’s how they took me home.
I got so scared
that they could not
bend my legs.
I remained standing,
all along, the whole day,
that’s how they put me into the bed.
When my brother disappeared,
I slept standing
all night through,
like horses.

I suppose
this was really just a
magic trick
from my brother.
And one day when
I will go to the edge of the city,
he will just be standing there,
laughing at me,
cause look just how he disappeared,
what a trick this was,
how sensational!
And I really believed
that it’s true.

translated by Nagy Hajnal Csilla

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